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 +Big Data
 +words - Dead Moocmen, tune - Spinal Tap\\ \\ \\  
 +The bigger the numbers, the larger my lumber\\  That's what I said\\  
 +The larger the sample, the more I am ample\\  Or so I have read\\ \\  
 +My baby's distribution has no equal\\  I'd like to stick her with my NoSQL\\ \\  
 +Big data, big data\\  Got some learning analytics gonna have right atcha\\  
 +Big data drive me out of my brain\\  
 +How could I try to explain?\\ \\  
 +I met her on Monday, 'twas my number crunch day\\  You know what I mean\\  
 +I love her each weekday, each excel spreadsheet day\\  Regress to the mean\\ \\  
 +My cloud's loaded and she's in my sights\\  No margin of error there inside her tights, yeah\\ \\  
 +Big data, big data\\  Tracking her moves, number crunching like NASA\\  
 +Big data unbelievable size\\  How could I analyze?\\ \\  
 +Her numbers fit my pattern recognition\\  Gonna get with her standard deviation\\ \\  
 +Big data, big data\\  Talk about exebytes, NSA's got 'em\\  
 +Big data there's no way to hide\\  How could you even try?
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